Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Part time work & other rantings...

Kate and I have just returned from a wonderful week spent with friends in Vernon-Normandy. To those of you who have never visited this part of France I urge you to go. It is beautiful, moving in the emotional sense, historical and the people warm & friendly. The weather too was blissful-the sun shone which enabled us to take the sea air, paddle in the sea and stroll along the prom' in the seaside town of Cabourg.

Whilst there we visited the beaches used in the 'D-Day' landings of 1944. We stood & gazed in awe,horror & admiration at the thousands of graves of young men who, were it not for them, I would not be able to type and rant as I do, & you dear reader would not be able to read these same ranting without fear of a knock at your door in the middle of the night.
These young men, some as young as 21yrs old, gave me the gift of their tomorrows so that I might be able to enjoy the sunshine of Birmingham today. Thank you gentleman. So much sacrifice, sorrow and so many ghosts hang in the air of the American cemetery nearby Omaha beach. The earth too still bares the scars of the horror of that period some 70 odd yrs ago.
All this caused by one mans' bitterness, paranoia & evil. And have we learnt anything??? The killing goes on... the young men die again & again.....

Now lets rant about part time working.
 I work 2 days weekly-employed by the National Health Service . Specifically I'm employed by an agency called 'Temporary Staffing" which is run by the local Health Trust. The title "Temporary" is a tad misleading-I've been doing the job for over a year now!! Whilst I was away I received texts messages -sometimes 5 texts daily-asking for me to work an extra shift at other locations in the Trust. I ignored them.
My point is this people: I work without a contract, I receive no sick pay if I'm off sick & I am not allowed holiday leave nor holiday pay-if I don't work I don't get paid. My pay is basic, I receive no shift allowance& no 'perks'.
Upon reflection I think that the NHS Trust is taking the piss. I feel that I am being exploited as are hundreds of other Temporary Staffing employees  employed by the Trust.
But what can I do? Its my choice. I love the work and I love the people I work with. Its a well documented fact that the National Health Service functions on the goodwill & morality of the staff employed within it.

On a much more cheerful note however..... whilst Kate & I were in Cabourg we came across a cat with what I can only describe as "attitude". Sadly I didn't take his photo-but I don't think a photo would have done him true justice.
Thus fella used to lie sprawled out in one of 3 places throughout the day on the approach road to the beach. He'd sometimes be washing himself or just lying there catching the rays.
Often I'd witness people approach him, attempt to stroke him, whisper sweet cat nothings to him & the odd person used to offer him the odd morsel of food.
The cat however, didn't budge. His ears went back, & he looked at the person with utter contempt. he seemed to look at the person who approached him with an expression that seem to say "Get the hell away from me....". Man, this fella had serious attitude.
There you go now. The Olympic Games are over, no surface to air missiles were launched...what was all the fuss about then???

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