Saturday, 25 August 2012

Prince Harry naked!!!

Good old Prince Harry! He's following the behaviour of his namesake of 400 odd years ago-King Henry V111. If you recall he was the King of England who after cavorting about with 6 wives engaged in lots of other sorts of riotous behaviour  (so we're led to believe anyway!) Some where or other I presume his behaviour involved him parading his manhood about the environs of Hampton Court. (I wonder perhaps if that's where the expression came from "Flashing your Hampton??")

Anyway that's by the by.
The' Sun'  newspaper the other day pictured the aforesaid Prince Harry (apparently) naked nearby a hotel pool in Las Vegas. The 'newspaper' stated that it was posting the picture and subsequent story  "for the public good and interest". WTF!!
 I wonder what good it actually does the good old British Public to see &/or have knowledge of the heir to the throne of the British Isles and Commonwealth bollock naked?? I for one don't care if Prince Harry walks up the Mall in London or goes around Birmingham's Bullring fruit & veg' market naked with an avocado balanced on his head!

I've said it lots of times before.......has the 'Sun' only limited numbers of reporters that its unable to send them to other locations around the world to report on what's happening...the unfolding tragedy that is currently Syria , the jail term imposed on the murderer in Norway-Anders Breivik not to mention the Euro crisis.
But who am I kidding?? Its the 'Sun' I'm talking about!! Gutter press par excellence!!

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  1. Apparently his father was not amused. Prince Charles didn't like it either! (*adopts voice of Basil Brush* Boom, Boom!)

    Good to see you're still your happy self. Shameless self-promotion - here's a link to my new blog:

    Knowing your tendency to tread in any or all available shite, I'd suggest this may not be for you!