Sunday, 19 August 2012

Dancing dogs

We don't watch much television in our house. Aside from the odd 'period drama' and documentary the programmes are generally shite, mindless & not worth the licence fee.
The channels available seem full of soap operas ( which all share in common a pub and alcohol) and lately trite performance shows such as 'Britain's got talent' & the 'X-Factor' These shows appeal to peoples innate wanton urge for fame at any price. People appear to crave fame, & appear seem prepared to go to any de-humanizing lengths in order to hopefully see their name in lights or make the front page of the gutter press. 
The winner (apparently) of the latest fiasco fame show AKA 'Britain's got talent' was wait for it....a boy with a dancing dog.
Jesus Christ on the Holy mountain!! Whatever next??
I have to state at this point that I have never seen this juvenile & his canine nor will I be in any rush to. However the media this morning have announced that the exhibition of dogs dancing publically will be banned & the dressing of dogs in garish costumes such as father Christmas, clowns etc will also be banned.

Whilst I agree with this-the whole concept of dressing up animals in 'human' costumes is bizarre, & the act of getting the unfortunate animal to perform for human gratification is beyond my understanding.
However, the act of 'banning' the practice causes me disquiet. There are far too many issues/acts & things 'banned' in the UK. Perhaps we should consider banning the UK's interference in other sovereign nations affairs? Never mind the bloody Dancing Dog!!

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