Saturday, 17 July 2010

The BBC licence fee

The Fascists who recently announced that they were going to reduce the working man (few remaining that there is) to a life of even further impoverishment today announced that they plan to reduce the outrageous BBC licence fee. This they say, is in keeping with the general cutbacks they are making in the economy. Fair enough. I believe that the current licence fee is nothing short of theft. The sheer crap that BBC broadcasts isn't worth a tinkers cuss. The only beacon of light shining forth is Radio Four(4) & occasionally Radio Three (3). Saying that the amount of repeats Radio 4 broadcasts appears to be on the increase, & I think the 'comedy shows' it puts out now are total shite.

I now want to comment on that total wanker Jonathan Ross. I hear this week that he has broadcast his last 'show' on the BBC. Do I give a flying fuck? Do I hell as like!!
The man is a a prime example of wankership. He is a vastly overpaid, untalented piece of shit. There is no way under God's heaven that he was worth the million pounds (or more if my fading memory serves me correctly)per year he was paid. Good riddance you scruffy workshy bastard! I for one WILL NOT be wasting my time watching you ponce around on commercial television. Twat!

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