Tuesday, 20 July 2010


So the west has given the world a date when they'll pull out of that troubled bloodstained land. However, not only have they told the world but they have told their enemy-i.e. the Taliban.
Now forgive me if I appear stupid, & I know absolutely naff all about military tactics, but I'd have thought that rule number 1 of military engagement is that you NEVER tell your enemy what your plans are!! So why have we told the Taliban that our plan is to pull out of their country by 2015??!!
In effect though what we have admitted too is that we like the Soviets before us & the ourselves in the late 19th Century, found war in Afghanistan 'unwinable'. A waste of money, resources & most importantly of life. The lives of young men, women & children from both sides. A waste of huge amounts of money which the west cannot afford.
No matter how many grand words we use, that country will continue to be ruled by corrupt warlords, who at this moment are syphoning millions of dollars/pounds (GBP) of our money into their own coffers whilst their own people starve & live in sub-human conditions.That we will never change.

To date its taken the lives of approximately 329 young men to arrive at the decision to pull out in 2015. You politicians should hang your heads in shame at the misery to the families of people in this country, the USA & in Afghanistan.

I say again...he who ignores the lessons of history is destined to repeat them. We have chosen to do this.
But what, would someone please tell me... what are we trying to do in Afghanistan??
I could go on about the sheer folly & waste of life but whats the point??

Troops out now!!!!


  1. Now, I've got mixed feelings about this, being as I don't like to see young people coming home in body bags. My, admittedly mixed, thoughts are as follows:
    - Firstly, Afghanistan is full of lovely, lovely mineral resources, just waiting to be dug out of the ground and turned into stuff. Who could resist that? (Especially in an environment of shrinking resources). For me to be able to...I dunno, respond to this post, someone's got to keep those resources coming. Which, unfortunately, means some poor squaddie needs to go and wrestle those resources from the arms of the locals. It's always been that way.
    - Secondly, the Taliban are a bunch of fascists (or, as Christopher Hitchen would have it, Islamo-Fascists). Fascism is always worth fighting against. This, I reckon, answers the 'What The Fuck Are We Doing There?' question. If you're going to open a front against a bunch of God-bothering religious nutters, then do it as far away from the Home Front as possible. I'd certainly much rather we sent troops to fight them in Afghanistan than just across the border, in the (nuclear-armed) state of Pakistan.
    - Thirdly, I loved your point about telling the enemy what your plans are. Very true. I guess that's aimed at the domestic market. I've noticed that they aren't saying that they're going to withdraw completely - there will be 'trainers' there. Probably fucking thousands of them, all dressed in green and marching round carrying guns and riding in tanks, if things continue to progress so badly with training the local army.

  2. Thanks John you made some valuable, interesting & sensible observations. However I wonder why we have to resort to outdated (though still effective)aggressive, bullyboy methods of obtaining resorces & raw materials? Why can't we negotiate & trade?
    Secondly, recent British hiostory has proved that the only effective way of beating terorists is to bring them to the negotiation table. However, it took 30 years of killing, torture & tears on sides in order to bring all side together whith the result of the 'Good Friday Agrement' that effectively ended the Northern Ireland 'Troubles'.
    As a believer in God it is my belief that religion hides the face of God (no matter who that God is).God, Allah whoever, I believe is a God of love & that love means toleration & peace. Mankinds fanaticism flys in of this with the results we see the world over.

    Finally I have some military advice for the Taliban: Theose bastards in power in this once beautiful democratic country of ours have said now that the pull out of UK troops could begin ( "conditions permitting") by the end of 2010. So my Fascist Taliban friends why don't you take the mountains, drink some coffee, smoke some dope, sell a little dope & generally chill, don't kill anyone then, after a few months the UK troops will fuck off back to Aldershot & then you can peacefully roll into Kabul etc?!-There you go.
    Just what the fuck was that twat Cameron thinking off? Public school educated Tory wanker.