Thursday, 22 July 2010

(Cameron) & a stupid ignorant.....

I see that our Eton educated schoolboy prime minister Cameron thinks that the United States were in the Second World War in 1940. He apparently said whilst touring the States that Britain was "..the junior partner in the relationship with the United States in 1940"
Now I failed my 11 plus, (that explains everything I hear you say) but I do know that the States didn't come into WW2 until 1941 when Japan & Nazi Germany declared war on on the USA following Japans bombing of Pearl harbour.Though the States did supply some war materials notably some very old destroyers in return for naval bases in the West Indies-'Lend Lease'.

Cameron, you're not only a naive twat, you're a stupid,ignorant naive twat who has added insult to injury to the generation who gave their tomorrows for us to have our today.


  1. Doesn't say much about an Eton education, does it? I think it was Oscar Wilde who said something about them being the cream - thick and rich.