Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A rant directed towards B'ham City Council & central government.

Generally speaking my neighbours are lovely people, they really are. However sometimes they make me shake my head in disbelief at their blindness, their stupidity & cause me to wonder what fucking planet they are on.

Yesterday two of my neighbours told me that they are applying to Birmingham City Council for a grant that exists to tart up your front gardens. This fund apparently provides hanging baskets & garden plants. Bloody hell!! The same neighbour has let two hanging baskets his mom made him die (in fact I watered them daily up until I went to Ireland & he has 3 dead sunflowers still standing in his front garden since 2009! Decorating his frontage are traffic cones, a 'Road Closed' sign that has been there since July 2010 & bits of broken pallets his mates leaves him for his open fire.
Today, the news on Radio 4 announced that the government is thinking of making severe cutbacks to library services. They are contemplating closing libraries to save money. There is even a suggestion to open libraries in pubs & supermarkets! Where in the sweet fuck of creation is this Fascist government taking us?? What are they thinking off? On the one hand for example, they want to reduce alcohol consumption & cut binge drinking, so they increase alcohol taxes, then on the other hand they want to install bookshelves next to beer pumps. "A pint of Guinness, a lager & lime, a packet of dry roasted nuts, Oh, & can I have a shuffti at the latest Sebastian Faulks novel please(?)" Bollocks.

Then we have the City Council giving money to lazy bastards who can't be arsed to do a bit of weeding in their garden or fork out a few bob for a couple of border plants, let alone clean up the shit outside their front window. Bugger this garden grant-get someone to clean up the rubbish & litter on my street & KEEP KINGS HEATH LIBRARY OPEN!!

Jesus this country is crazy, better still I think I'm crazy for putting up with the crap I receive from the government, the City Council, my neighbours & my relations & children.
Its about time I responded to these people in the manner of the 'grumpy old man' that I am & told them all to "FUCK OFF!!"

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