Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Last night/early morning I have the sad misfortune to pay a visit to Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital's accident & emergency dept with one of my close family. I feel now that I must comment on the service that we received & observed whilst there.
Everything that is excellent & praise worthy about the UK's National Health Service was in evidence last night. Patient care was & is  magnificent. Staff-from the cleaners to the consultant in charge of the department were courteous, professional, empathetic & kind. Nothing was too much trouble. We we made to feel as if we had actually paid big money for the service. My  family & I were offered refreshments, accorded total privacy in a clean, clinical yet relaxed environment.
When my family member was transferred to the ward where overnight stay was arranged, the standard of care did not lessen.
Birmingham and The UK should be rightly proud of our National Health Service. We must not allow any government to dismantle it and/or sell it off to the private sector.
Thank you NHS & thank you to everyone at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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