Sunday, 11 December 2011

He's been at it again!!

No, I don't mean Cameron or any of his cohort of coalition ejjits, but my Cat Charlie Coal.
He's been street fighting again. This time he's got a laceration on his right cheek caused by some other feline pugilist  in the neighbourhood. The first we noticed was when the furry thug growled at me when I attempted to tickle under his ear, & I guess there's of lot of people out there who'd growl if I attempted to tickle them under the ear, but be that as it may/may not be the fella is injured.....again.
This is proving costly. I mean trips to the bloody vet -(y'know the lady with the dreamy Scottish accent)-it cost £56 a time for a shot of antibiotic! Kate says that its getting out of control, these fur ball fisticuffs, & that a trip to the dreamy Scottish vet is not going to happen for poor old battered Chas'. So its down to old fashioned grin & bare it matey & no treat for my ears were we to visit Fivelands Vets.
The little sod's so aggressive! I mean; he had his nether regions snipped off when he was a bundle of feline mischievousness, & that. allegedly, is supposed to curtail Tom cats aggressiveness. I'm wondering what the hell would the bewhiskered fiends behaviour be like were we to have left him with the 'full set'!

This comes after a day when he sat on my log chopping post watching me has I tided up the lower part of the garden. He sat there looking cute but nevertheless keeping a chary eye on my activities on his territory.
I took a snapshot of him for your amusement.
But for the time being Charlie you got sweat it out, rely on our TLC & pray that Goddess Bastet will bring about a speedy healing.

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