Saturday, 15 June 2013

Now this is bullshit!!!!

I've worn specs since I was 11 years of age, my eyesight is pretty poor &  without my specs I have trouble seeing a hand in front of my face to be honest. So it was with disappointment that after having a stronger script for new lenses less than 12 months ago I felt that my vision wasn't as sharp as it was. Thought that I'd better go for an eye test & get my sight checked out.
The optician tested my eyes at my usual optician-Boots & told me that I needed stronger lenses which he added gleefully would cost me £320.
Then.... He said that my existing lenses were scratched. Now, being extremely myopic my very close vision is excellent-I can see tiny things really really sharply if held close, so imagine my surprise when he told me that the lenses were badly scratched because neither me nor Kate could see any scratches.
Then came the bombshell: "what's caused the scratches , considering that the lenses are less than 1 year old & cost in excess of £300?? I ask. he glibly informed me that my eyelashes were the cause. querying this he then added that if I consider the number of times per day that I blink then it should come as no surprise.
Now this has got to be bullshit of the highest degree!! My eyelashes aren't long, neither are they made of thick hair. So I wonder then, has anyone out there ever had the experience of their spectacle lenses being scratched by the daily blinking action of their eyelashes???
Or is this the latest line of sales bullshit from Boots Opticians??

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