Sunday, 7 June 2015

The National Health Service 2015

I haven't had a rant on these pages for some time, & for that I apologise. I've gotten into the Facebook thing you see and if you, dear reader wish find & add me as a 'friend' please feel free to do so.
Anyway I feel compelled to rant about the present state of the NHS in the UK. I believe that I'm well qualified to do so having worked in the service since 1971.

We as nurses are, (to use a phase used in World War 1) "Lions led by donkeys". The number of absurd changes brought about for no apparent reason are unspeakable. In my time as a nurse I have witnessed countless reports from so called independent bodies whose remit was to 'improve' the service. In fact all they did was to create further chaos & establish (with each new report)  another level of management.
At ward level the day to day functioning of care/ service is awful. Senior nurse mangers are appointed from staff with no managerial skills. The organisation is poorly led, meetings follow meetings, millions of pounds sterling are wasted annually by health care trust whilst care in my observation is decreasing. The computer has sadly become the new patient.
I my base, there are no facilities to have a hot meal. We have a kettle for nursing staff use. The hospital has not got a canteen/restaurant for staff to take a break & lunch is frequently take whilst typing up notes or else lunch breaks are missed. Did you think that sweat shop working conditions were only limited to the 3rd world??
The service is utterly disorganised.
Whilst MP's are about to award themselves a £7k pay rise nurses haven't had a pay raise for over 5 years! Rather in real terms we have had pay cuts.
I have no idea what the solution is to the problems I have illustrated,  other than employ managers who are trained as managers & not as nurses but who have initially had experience in nursing.
Any ides anyone??


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