Friday, 3 December 2010

The World Cup

So Russia are going to host the World Cup finals in 2018. So what!?!
To be honest I don't give a toss. However it seems that a larger percentage of the country are upset at England's failure to win the bid. So much so that a large number of people gathered in Birmingham city centre in temperatures more akin to those in Moscow waving flags, chanting & made up with St George flags.

God Almighty!! Have they nothing better to do with their time? Especially in the weather we're currently having? Then when the result of the ballot was known they burst into tears!!

So wtf!! Get a life people....if you have time on your pathetic hands then use it constructively-go & clear the snow outside your houses.

While I'm at it I wonder if someone would tell the petrol delivering companies that there are such things as 'snow chains'. These are chains (used to great effect in Scandinavia I understand) that are attached to the wheels of cars/trucks which increase grip in snowy conditions. If these were used I reckon then the likes of BP, Esso, Shell et al would be able (perhaps?) to deliver supplies of Petrol. So put 'em on & stop winging about the snow!

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