Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Yet another rant about Birmingahm City Council

Cycling past house number 134 on our street I observed a medium sized rat gingerly climbing into a sofa that had been dumped in the 'garden' of the above numbered rented property. The tenant's who apparently squat there don't seem to give a toss as the sofa along with a sodden mattress have been there for almost 2 months.

I was gonna shout Oi!! to the rat but I reflection I must have suspected that I'd get the same response from him/her as I would from the City Council when & if I attempted to report the mess & him/her to them. IE: Sweet bugger all.

Nevertheless, ever the foolhardy optimist I contacted the council-First mistake: It took at least 15 minutes to find the City Councils contact telephone number. It would have been easier, & faster I swear to contact Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran & tell him about the rubbish & ratty & get him to send a battalion of the Revolutionary Guard over to deal with him/& the dumped sofa than get those work shy bastards in the council to do something.

I was passed from one dept to another, until I did what I suspect the Council wanted me to do all along....give up. Which I'm ashamed to admit I did. Ratty et al can stay put at number 134.

However a couple of months ago I was late by about 3 weeks in sending my Council Tax payment off to the Council. I received a 'red letter' threatening me with court action & prosecution to the full letter of the law. The cheeky bastards.

Get your money grabbing Fascist backsides out there & clean up my city. No wonder Birmingham is the joke & laughing stock of the country with this level of service.