Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Cameron has done something right!! But not totally...

Yes he has...I hate to admit it but David 'the public school, middle class twat' has done something I not only applaud, but I think he has done right.

Yesterday Cameron signed a defence agreement with our nearest European neighbours & fellow member of the EU-France. OK so its financially expedient to do so, so that both our countries can share the ridiculously spiraling cost of defence (against what & whom I ask??). But in signing this agreement Cameron has I believe, acknowledged that we, (the United Kingdom) are part of Europe & not part of the empire of the United States of America. Hurrah for that!!

OK so we have an aircraft carrier upon which we cannot afford to buy the aircraft to put upon it (words escape me!!), but lets rejoice for the moment...we are European & not totally glued by a Velcro strip to the arse of Uncle Sam.

Having said that our European Parliament members have gone a tad too far on one level: They have said that prisoners serving a jail sentence ought to have & have got to be given the "right to vote in elections". Now people where I'm coming from is this: I believe that with rights come responsibilities. Those serving prison terms have clearly demonstrated by their actions that they don't give a damn for neither their rights nor the rights of their fellow citizens. So therefore they should forfeit the right to vote for the time that they remain incarcerated in prison.

I think that Brussels has lost the plot on this one.


  1. See, it never ceases to amaze me, that however deep the shit the politicians tell us we're in, and whatever cuts they make to 'remedy' this, they can always find money to wage war. I wish I believed in Hell, so that I could assure myself that the bastards would burn there one day. This story springs to mind when I think about going into battle alongside some of our mainland European comrades:

    Over here, prisoners have the vote, as do detained psych patients, which is interesting logistically on election day, as you get fined for not voting. Whilst I agree with you that you should forfeit your right to have a say when you go to prison, I think it's not that big a deal and has got the flavour of one of those 'Mountains-out-of-molehills' issues so beloved of the Murdoch press.

    I've been meaning to post a comment for a while to say that I greatly appreciate the fact that you, like me, seem to get more angry about stuff as you get older. when I was young and ranting about the injustice of the World, people used to say "Oh, you'll grow out of it"...well, I didn't. In fact, I've probably got angrier. And, what's more, I get angrier as the time goes on. Focus for today's revolutionary ire, in case you're interested, is the Australian Green Party...but we can save that for another time.

  2. Yer spot on John! I reckon the Governments wage a war somewher or other in times of national hardship etc to distract the population of the nation from the shite that they (the politicians) hve gotten them into-in our case is was the bankers AKA public school ruling class.
    I have an admission to make: I regret that I do feel at times that I am becoming more extreme in my political views with age, & like you am becoming increasingly angry!
    Whilst its not too big a deal about prisoners having the vote, its just an example of how smallish things rub me up the wrong way.
    Its like being told whilst I was coming back from York the other week via train that "Passengers are reminded not to leave their luggage on the train when departing. Well they can fuck off! Its MY case,& if I want to leave it on the train I WILL!