Sunday, 14 November 2010

A victim of the system.... Gods sense of humour??

The system has beaten least this time. Last week I received a parking ticket for parking in a 'loading bay'. There was a minuscule sign on a lamp post denoting this & faded writing on the roadway also. I was displaying a 'Blue disabled badge' at the time but still got the ticket.
I appealed to the faceless Fascists in Birmingham City Council against the decision but my appeal was denied thus:

"BM65223541/Parking Section 13/11/2010 Mr P Woolley 104 Westfield Rd Kings Heath B14 7Su, Birmingham West Mids, Uk B14 7SU

Dear Mr Woolley Parking - Penalty Charge Notice Number BM65223541 Dated - 04/11/2010 Registration number - BK09NLR
Thank you for your enquiry concerning the Penalty Charge Notice detailed above. I have given careful consideration to the circumstances you have described but regret that there are not sufficient grounds for the Notice to be withdrawn.
The Penalty Charge Notice was issued to your vehicle as it was parked in a loading bay, which was clearly marked in accordance with Road Traffic legislation. I have noted your comments that you had a Disabled Badge on display in your vehicle.
You may still take advantage of the reduced charge of £35.00 if payment for the Penalty Charge Notice is received by the 04/12/2010, BUT the discounted rate is not available after this date and the full charge of £70.00 will be due if payment is not received in time. Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to ‘Birmingham City Council (Highways)’ and forwarded to Birmingham City Council, Environment & Culture Directorate PO Box 77 Birmingham B4 7WA, quoting the Penalty Charge Notice number."

The 'System has beaten me on this occasion but I will have my day over the faceless bureaucratic swine at the council.
Like I said...God has a sense of humour.....

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