Sunday, 21 November 2010

The English & the food experience.

Today we went as a family for a ritual that is I suspect peculiar to Roman Catholics the world over: The 'Blessing of the Graves'. You see, November is in Roman Catholic tradition,known as the month of the dead'-where we pray for & remember those loved ones who have died. We go to their grave(s) en masse & a priest comes along blesses the grave with Holy Water, says a few prayers & bobs yer uncle! (its called blind faith I think though you dear reader may have another name for it!)
Anyway, we as a family then, (also by tradition) go out for Sunday lunch somewhere or other. This year we went for a steak at a local steak bar/pub called the 'Covered Wagon'.

Now why is it that we English are served total shit dressed up as food? Why do we accept the food virtually 'thrown' at us by surly spotty face adolescents? Why do we endure an atmosphere that we would not allow animals to eat in?

Today I ordered a sirloin steak, salad, peppercorn sauce cooked 'rare'. Whilst waiting almost for the steak the place filled with smoke & an ear piecing siren filled the air. The waiter when asked if we should leave replied "Dunno mate, never heard that noise before" & walked off. The siren then went off periodically throughout the meal! No explanations nor apologies were offered nor sought by anyone!
After almost 50 minutes of waiting, asking for cutlery & condiments which were dropped on the table in little foil sachets, my steak arrived.
It was sadly inedible.
It was stringy, fatty & full of gristle. The one waiter in evidence kept a conscious (I suspect) distance away from out table. He eventually came to clear the other 2 diners empty plates & my 3/4 full plate, casually asked if our "meal was enjoyable". He appeared dumbfounded when I told him that my steak was inedible, & that I believed my salad was one of the most expensive I had ever eaten! He eventually agreed to speak to 'someone about my steak.
To cut a miserably long story short I received my money back with a mumbled apology.

Now my point(s) is this: We Brits appear to accept any level of service-it appears to be expected that we have poor, shoddy service. It seems that we accept any slop masquerading as 'food' & are prepared (albeit, historically) to eat this slop in any environment no matter how unpleasant it might be & not complain.
We Brits, (as my Irish granfather used to say) "would stand for the 3 card trick"
They take our money & give use shite in return. Food cooked without pride, care, love for the food or respect for the paying customer.


  1. Now, my father-in-law always reckons that it's better to go9 out for one good, expensive, meal than 10 shit, cheap, ones. I tend to agree. My experience of 'Harvester'-type meals is that they are invariably shite and best avoided. You're better off getting fish & chips or a curry, both of which are plentiful and fantastic in Brum.

  2. I agree. However I was outvoted by the ladies who wanted a 'steak'. At kates graduation I hope to persuade her to come along to Dads Lane Fish Bar.