Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I'm sick of 'em!!

Everywhere I seem to go these days, every time the postman calls, each time I open my e-mails there are requests asking & attemptiung to persduade me to take out a Life Insurance policy.

In the Post Office today the fella behind the counter asked me if I was "over 50" & have I considered taking out a "life Insurance policy that will provide enough funds to cover funeral costs & leave some cash for those left behind"

The Cheeky bastard!

I regret that I wasn't quick enough with a witty reply to his initial question nor did I say that the those left "behind me" can go & bugger off & work for their money the same as I had to. Quite honestly I don't give a flying fuck what happens to me when I'm cold & dead.

However that's not true: I'd like a burial in a cardboard coffin in a woodland. I don't want to be cremated. Yet the kids say that they don't like that idea as they want to come & lay flowers etc on my 'plot'.

I'm sorry but I'm straying from the jist of my rant. And its this: Why do people appear to believe that I want to spend my cash on a Life Insurance policy? If I wanted to take out a policy then I believe I have enough intelligence (only just) to organise one. (incidentally, its the same with the utility companies...they knock my front door & ask me "if I'm happy with my energy supplier & would I like to change supplier?" My reply is short & to the point...Its that If I wanted too then I'd go & organise the change myself )

Mind your own bloody business!!

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