Sunday, 7 November 2010


I have a belief (yeah here we go I hear you sigh....) but hear me out please....

..... I believe that the Anti Christ of the this decade are admen & advertising. Everywhere I look, & if you look around you or keep your ears open, we are bombarded with advertisements. Billboards, advertisements that change every 10 seconds, almost every radio station-including BBC Radio Four (it encourages the listener to tune into future programmes), the TV, outside supermarkets, over the loudspeakers in supermarkets subliminal or otherwise & so it goes on.

I am totally pissed off with this intrusion into my life. I am sick & tired of being told that I need such & such. I do not need a colourful poster telling me that my life is deficient in 1 or more specific area-I'm aware it is, buts that for me to know & to chose to do something about if I so chose.

And then there's the smug, patronising bastards who knock the front door (usally when I'm having my tea) & ask if "I'm happy paying too much for my gas or electricity, & would I like to change to the supplier that they represent?" Well listen up bucko: If I wanted to change, I think I have the wit to go & find out which company offers the best deal & then change myself. Clear off!!!!

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