Wednesday, 10 November 2010

History repeating itself?

I heard on the Radio 4 news today an article about the plight of the Romani population in Hungary. Apparently they appear to be the victims of racial discrimination on a national scale.
They are, it appears, excluded from national schools, declined housing & are channeled into menial jobs. The situation is apparently worse in the east of the country. The Romani are apparently living in large (ghetto) shanty towns in the east of Hungary.
In France recently President Sarkozy went as far as returning Romany's back to Romania.
In the West those of the Islamic faith are viewed by many as potential 'enemies of the state'-we hear daily about "Islamic terrorists threatening both the UK & the United States."

I'm disturbed by all of this. It remands me of pre war National Socialist Germany. At that time in Germany minority groups were at best demonised, victimised, denied civil rights & at worst deported & eventually murdered. I hope that the latter is the extreme & that reason will awaken within our humanity, but I feel we should all be mindful of what is going on.

At this time in our nations history, where the economy fragile & financial cutbacks are being made the minority DO suffer, whether they be the poor or those who look different from the majority or believe different things.
Prime Minister Cameron is cutting massively Housing benefit. He calls those who are long term unemployed "work shy" & says that they should take on menial voluntary jobs to "help pay their way".
His choice of words I believe, inflames prejudice, splits communities & encourages bigotry. Those among us who are predisposed to paranoia will (& already have in my observation) jumped on the band wagon & openly speak in negative bigoted phraseology about asylum seekers, the old & the vulnerable.
The abyss between the 'Haves' & the Have-nots' is growing wider by the month & I believe Europe far from being a European Union is fast becoming a European Disunion.

"Those who forget the lessons of history is destined to repeat them..."

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