Friday, 5 November 2010

The 'system'

I reckon God's got a wicked sense of humour. He takes the piss out of us & our pathetic attempts at omnipotence. I thought that I was doing bloody great in securing a 'Blue Badge' disabled card for my car so that I could run my disabled mother about. That I had got just a little one over & out of the 'system'. Not to be though......
I can see it all now....God sitting up there with all those Holy men & women inc the newly 'Blessed' Cardinal John Henry Newman (of this parish) & he'/she's saying to them" look at him people.. smug get, I'll fix him....." And then having a little giggle.
So there I am using our 'Blue Badge' for the first time in Harborne High Street taking the old dear to her bank, parking behind a white van in what I believed to be a disabled bay.
But whats this??? As we return from the bank a bloody parking warden is taking a photo of my motor & telling me that I'm parked in a "'loading bay' & am not allowed to. Thus a minimum of a £35 fine is smacked on the windscreen.

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