Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Hurrah for William & Kate!!

So... the Euro is in crisis, the Irish Republic is in financial meltdown, there is famine in Africa, people are dying & being maimed daily in Afghanistan, the NHS & welfare state is under serious financial review, people are having their homes repossessed & are living in abject squalor-I could go on...BUT: The main topic of news on all BBC radio channels today was that HRH Prince William will marry Kate Middleton in 2011. Cameron says that this news is "unadulterated joy..."-Great choice of words Dave, when you consider the marital history of the other members of the Royal Family!! But I guess the wedding (funded by the humble taxpayer again no doubt) will bring about a distraction & enable you & your Government to continue tightening the financial screw on us even more.

Hurrah for William & Kate.... but to be honest, I don't give a tinkers cuss. I for one, will not be celebrating Kate's wonderful stroke of luck of marrying into a life of riches beyond her dreams.Nor the will I be toasting the 'happy couple'.

Royal twats. Bring on the republic.

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