Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Never, never trust a politician/Nick Clegg is a Judas

They embezzle, they send young people to their death, they speak hypocrisy, they condemn people to poverty & they lie. They lie to further their needs, to stay in power & to get rich.
The latest liar in the line of political liars is Cameron's 'puppet partner' in the coalition Nick Clegg.
Why?? Well he said quite clearly during his pre election promises that "would oppose any increase in university tuition fees" Guess what??? He & his party of Quislings have broken their promise & supported the Fascist Tories in their intention to increase tuition fees. The deceitful Bastard.

As a postscript: I see that the chief Fascist Cameron is touring China on our expense. He has the audacity to question & comment on China's record on human rights. How dare he?? His comments come the day after his mate & ally ex president of the USA George W Bush admitted & condoned the torture of 'water boarding' & other methods of torture in Iraq.
At the same time Cameron & the BBC (the mouthpiece of the Government) openly criticise China's treatment of the elderly. Take a look at the numbers of UK pensioners who live near or on the breadline Mr Cameron before you shout your mouth off.

I say again: end the pointless war in Afghanistan, bring the military home, stop spending & wasting money that could be spent at home, above all.....stop the killing Cameron!!

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