Monday, 15 April 2013

One rule for the BBC & another for.....

The BBC have done it again it appears.
Currently (as I'm sure you're all aware ) there's  an awful lot of bellicose rantings going on between North Korea and the affluent nations of the West. Threats & counter threats emanate between the despotic 'government' in Pyongyang & Washington, London et al.
Now it appears the good 'ole have cast their hand into the melee.
It appears as thought a group of students from the London School of Economics went on an educational field trip to the North Korean capital & surrounding area. But unbeknown to the university & the student a group, of undercover BBC reporters infiltrated the group & went along also with the intention of making a propaganda TV programme on the troubled,paranoid far eastern nation.
The action of the BBC apparently put the lives of the students at considerable risk & the students & university are up in arms about the action of the BBC demanding that the TV programme not be shown this evening on UK national television.
The BBC have refused to withdraw the programme.
So here we have it. Given the psychotic nature of the North Korean 'government' & the pretty good chance there is that the students would at best be thrown into prison with hard labour were the infiltration discovered,it seems a bit risky to go ahead & screen.
The BBC seems to think that's it ok  to do so but not ok to play a record from the top ten hit parade that has the lyrics from the 1938 Wizard of Oz film that goes something like "...ding dong the witch is dead... The BBC refused to play this song (now at number 2 in the Top 20 because they said it was disrespectful to Margaret Thatcher.(!)
Damn it the witch IS DEAD.The students are ALIVE. The BBC behaved with underhand dangerous deceit. They should get their priorities right.

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