Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This country is mad, totally insane

Ding Dong the witch is dead....
C'mon, what's all the crap about a state funeral? The type of funeral accorded to The Queen Mother & Lady Di apparently. I could argue that their funeral was a waste of money but lets look at it this way shell we?? The Queen ma & Lady Di din't exactly ask to be born into the status they were born into, they had no choice on their life style or how they lived in reality, However Thatcher did. She chose to reek havoc & wreck thousands of peoples lives & had no conscience about what she did. So why are we, the tax paying people who suffered at her hands having to pay an astronomical amount for her funeral?
I won't bore you with all my objections to her acts, deeds & policies. I cannot see anything decent about the person. She was not, as those with short memories claim "a humble grocer's daughter from Grantham". She was a grocer's daughter who had a millionaire husband who financed her political career.
However I do believe this: You should NEVER judge a corpse by its funeral.

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