Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Birmingham's Sea Life Centre & the penguins-This really takes the biscuit!

Welcome to your new home penguins!!

Sure, their cute, hardly cuddly & they are in their real form utterly inedible.
However the Birmingham Sea-life Centre (& I've never been their & have no plans too).have squired 12 Gentoo Penguins from Melbourne. Some of the birds haven't hatched yet whist others are (God help the poor bastards) are en route to my fair city.

Very nice. However, the cost of the aforesaid penguins and the wonderful snow & ice environment (called 'An ice adventure ' by the idiots who waste our resources) is a cool (sorry for the pun people!)  £1.2 million.
so who foots the bill for this penguin extravaganza?? As usual its the ratepayers of the City of Birmingham.
"This is money well spent" I guess some of you will be saying-"its educational & fun".
No it aint. Because whilst spending £1.2 million on the penguins the City Council is closing libraries, swimming baths, making policeman & firefighters redundant, also reducing street cleansing. All this, as at the same time the majority of the city's roads resemble a lunar landscape.
While I'm in full flow now I might add that perhaps the money earmarked for the bloody penguins & their home from home should be diverted & be spent on Birmingham's Child & Family Social Services Dept which has been described as a national disgrace & "not fit for purpose".
But we live in a democracy & the ratepayers don't have any say do they?

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