Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Who says that Christmas isn't about money?

Those of us who may have any doubts that Christmas isn't rooted in making money & commercialism must not have seen any television commercials this evening-Christmas Eve.
What I saw were a number of commercials happily informing the public that some of the large chain store will begin their sales either tomorrow or on December 26th. These stores then add that items are on sale for half the pre Christmas price. They glibly announce for example, that a mountain bike that previously cost £200, is now reduced to less than half price, & then add that we can order on line "today".
Now isn't this just plain wrong??!! Imagine a parent who've paid out £200 odd for a bike which is now hidden awaiting presentation on Christmas Day, how must they feel? Why couldn't the store just charge the sale price before Christmas? I think we all know the answer to that one....Because the stores want to make as much money as possible.
It's one giant rip off.And the public fall for it every year.

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  1. It's just terribly bad manners when you think about it. If I sold you a nice jumper for, say, fifty pounds and then told the world it was only worth twenty, I'd be considered terribly rude. Thing is, the buggers are still making a decent profit on the clearance price. Happy New Year to you and the family, old chap. It might please you to know that I'm reading your blog in the garden, under the shade with a fan on, because it's too hot to sit in the sun.