Saturday, 22 February 2014

This is totally wrong!!!

I heard yesterday that Wayne Rooney the Manchester football player has signed a new contract. This contract is worth a reported £300.000 per week. Yes people, you read that correctly......£300,000 PER WEEK!
How can this be justified? Moreover how does this man square this immoral payslip with his soul?
I have nothing but contempt for this sort of thing nor have I any respect for Wayne Rooney in accepting this amount.
Though I have followed Aston Villa F.C. since I was a small lad there is no way under God's heaven that I would go & watch any football game that condones this sort of wage payout to its players. I know that though there are no players at Aston Villa who earn anywhere near Rooney's wage there are 1 or 2 whose salary is near £3000 per week.
Rooney, you are a prat. (A rich prat, but a prat nevertheless)

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