Sunday, 2 March 2014

Putin & the Ukraine.

Russian leader Putin is a despot. He's mad-you only have to look at the man He was visible upset & angry  at the Russian ice hockey team losing to Sweden in the recent winter Olympic he probably had the entire team either shot or sent to a bloody gulag!
Now he's sent his troops into Ukraine thereby bringing about the most dangerous crisis in Europe since his countries invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.
Putin's action today appears to me to have close similarities to the invasion of 1968 when the then Soviet Union acted aggressively to enforce its despotic Communist control over eastern Europe. Putin, despite being 'democratically elected' (sic), is an ex KGB operative who openly ignores human rights & is clearly ready & willing to stamp out any dissension to anything that he feels is a challenge to his rule.
Russian intervention into Ukraine has been justified by him with him saying that he is "protecting the rights & safety of ethnic Russian peoples living in Ukraine...."
Now where have I heard this before?? I remember....Didn't another psychopathic despot justify his invasions of Czechoslovakia & Poland by saying the same thing some 70 odd years ago??
Come off it Putin.... We know your game.
But I guess like in 1938 the West will do bugger all except verbally condemn Putin's action's & let him swamp & swallow up Ukraine & Herr Hitler did.

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