Saturday, 29 March 2014

Coffee n Birmingham UK

Here's something that really pisses me off.
Kings Heath has an abundance of decent coffee bars (excluding Costa). Each one of them charge approx £1.85-£1.90 for a watery cup of coffee. You're expected to queue up for you coffee, (& sometimes take it to your table) sit at a dirty, uncleared table & then the staff have the temerity to have a container on the counter for tips!! What service have they provided to warrant a tip?! Why can't we be like they are on the Continent? Staff take your order & bring you your coffee etc..
A cup of coffee out should be a period of time to relax & savor the moment. The whole experience here is unpleasant. They won't get a tip from me I tell you that much! (apart from advice not to eat yellow snow)

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