Thursday, 27 March 2014

That chair....

You will recall perhaps that the other day I gave vent to my spleen over the delay in me taking delivery of my £660 chair from Cousins. I reckoned that the chair was now in the possession of some Somali warlord.
Well now people, I am happy to say that I took a phone call this evening from a charming lady at Cousins furniture store telling me that the aforementioned chair will arrive on next Tuesday. When on Tuesday she wasn't able to tell me, rather she asked for me to stay in all day as its down for an "all day delivery". WTF?
I know one shouldn't look a gift horse/chair in the  mouth & all that, but do they really expect a person to hang around the house ALL DAY while they swan around the environs of Birmingham before they eventually decide ...."Oh we're near enough to Kings Heath, lets drop that miserable bastard Woolley's chair off..?"  No problem guys...I spend the day doing a bit of light dusting, grooming Charlie Coal the cat, I'll mop the kitchen, & maybe arrange all my CD's into generic classification.
I am secretly grateful though.
 I 'm grateful  to the Somalian Warlord, who took the time to order his lads to take my chair to Mogadishu docks & reload it on the next ferry bound for the UK . Fair play.

But seriously. The moral of this story is twofold.
1: Complaining & not 'standing for the 3 card trick' (as my deceased Irish Grandfather used to say that Englishmen usually did/do)
2: Heed my advise...don't shop at Cousins...I won't again. The gobshites.

The lads in Mogadishu taking my chair to the container ship give a cheery wave!

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