Monday, 17 March 2014

Russia/Crimea-the lessons of history??

In a rigged undemocratic referendum in a Ukrainian province  Russia quietly annexed Crimea. President Putin of Russia asserts that the majority of the population are ethnic Russians & voted to return to the mother land of Russia-the same motherland that 'gave' Crimea to Ukraine following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Of course the area is of important strategic importance to Russia as they base their Black Sea fleet there & the West have an interest too as that area as it borders the Aegean & Mediterranean Seas.
Now though Putin has walked in to the Crimea & the West has mealy waved some pieces of paper at Russia. Not at Putin No, but at the population of Russia. Men, women & children-Putin won't be affected by the sanctions proposed by Obama, Cameron et al.
Heard it all before??
Google Austria March 1938-' Anschluss'-Herr Hitler 'connected' with the German peoples of that country-sounds similar? Again Google the Munich Crisis September 1938- the same Herr Hitler annexed (rather was given) by the West the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia-with a 'piece of paper'. Weeks later he marched into the whole of Czechoslovakia.
It is said that he who does not heed the lessons of history is destined to repeat them. How long will it be before the whole of Ukraine will cease to exist in its present form.
I realise that the West is limited in its responses to Russian expansionism, & I'm not sure what we can do to respond to their action(s). But I think that waving bits of paper that will only affect the populace of Russia is neither right nor proper. Surely a more dynamic response directed at Russian diplomats would be more appropriate?

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