Monday, 24 March 2014

Two rants....God I'm angry!!!

Ok here goes.... On January 8th 2014 I splashed out in a moment of sinful extravagance £660 for a lovely leather chair. Our motivation being that it would be a lovely chair to sit & read, listen to our music & relax by the blazing open fie. 1 chair. Not a 3 piece suite or some fancy space age chair that's powered by electric motors that do everything from making you a nice cup of tea, to bringing you to a height of sexual pleasure.
So have I enjoyed the aforementioned chair?? Have I bollocks!
I have to wait 5 months for the chair to arrive from somewhere over an ocean.
Never having been one to put up with shoddy service especially when I've paid money & not received the goods, I emailed the shop, only to receive a shit for brains reply saying that they were unable to help. So my money is with Cousins furniture store gaining interest instead of being in my pocket.
I see it all now though... My chair has been made in China (where it seems bloody everything is made these days) &, en route to the UK the ship was hijacked by Somalian pirates.
I reckon that my chair now is the prized possession of a Somalian warlord who is lounging on it like jack the bleeding lad, with his Kalashnikov resting jauntily across his lap, whilst he chews a mouthful of khat.
The morale of this sorry tale???
1: Don't spend a fortune on a bloody chair. & 2: Do not by ant furniture from Cousins Furniture Store cos they don't give a flying feck about their customers as long as they take your money.

And for my next rant people:  Passwords.  Yes Password. Everyone & everything has a bloody array of password & PIN  numbers to remember. Password for your online bank, your email account, to access your bills online, your work emails, your work computer system(s), the bloody list goes on & bloody on.
Stop for a while & just count exactly how many you have to remember... & it doesn't end there....alot of sites insist that you change them every month or so.
It does my head in. As I advance in years I find that I'm unable to quickly recall all my passwords. Oh & then you're asked the answer to a security question that you may have answered about 3 years ago. WTF!!!
Give us a break you bastards!!!

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