Friday, 23 May 2014

The local elections-a protest?

Look what I've just discovered I've got....!

The day after the local election results in the UK we see that the 'far from honest' UKIP  which is essentially a covert cover for a right wing Fascist political party has gained a number of seat at the expense of the mainstream parties.
However I am of the opinion that the success of UKIP is based upon sensationalist, racist gutteral polices. The leader of the party, Nigel Farage speaks the language of the rabble rouse, the polices tof the side streets. language & beliefs that appeal to the more reactionary of the electorate.
seeing Mr Farage grinning, smug face, beaming from ear to ear looking like a dog whos' discovered that he has 3 pairs of bollocks made my teeth itch.
Sadly, I have to say that Ed Milliband (the leader of the UK Labour Socialist Party) hasn't quite got the charisma or fire in his belly to lead the Socialist cause into the General election of 2015.

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