Sunday, 11 April 2010

I'm worried...

...but really I don't give a flying fuck!
You see the thing is I think. no I know, that I am now officially grumpy old man'.
Today I I felt aggrieved about something which perhaps someone younger (?not retired)might pass over. It was a traditional thing really but its all about the principal & I felt totally pissed off about it. I did however comment about it...whether or not my comment & displeasure was noted I know not (& that troubles me to!).
Then it about being taken for a complete fool, one who apparently has no/little knowledge about anything. I refer especially to my children, rather younger (know all) adults. "You shouldn't have that glass of Guinness,that's enough clotted cream, that's enough bacon (with my bacon & cabbage)" For God sake the level of cholesterol in my blood has gone down from 7mmol to 3.6mmol. Get off my case!! Life is to be lived. If I die I wanna die happy,I like my food, I don't wanna live 'til I'm 80years old, (more) demented & requiring total care, sitting staring out of a window in a pool of my own piss!

Then this General Election crap. It seems to me that there is a hairs breath between all three of the main gob shite parties. I'm even thinking of not voting! Never thought that I'd ever contemplate that.They all talk bollocks, they all want my vote to further their own personal money grabbing schemes. meanwhile the bastards price me off the road, allow fat cat wanker bankers to accrue massive bonuses & in the process bring this country & half the 'civilised 'world to is knees. Then have me et al bail me/them out afterwards! And what have I have I got to show for this debt that that I'm paying off??
No, I will register a 'protest vote'. But please, please please I wish just one of the major three (nose in the trough) political candidates to knock at my door & ask if they can "count on my vote". Pleaseee....

Finally, I can't take much more of my mothers passive aggression, lies & manipulation. Enough of that.

Yes, I think I AM a grumpy old retired old man!


  1. Welcome back dude, I am glad the break did you the world of good and you have come back well rested and thoroughly relaxed.
    I had Gammon and runny eggs last week just for you !

  2. Nice one James! I ate today for an early lunch(while watching Mr Kyle!) toast liberally spread with butter (x2) & creamy scrambled eggs! I'll now go & exercise with a short bike ride!