Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I have today changed my shoes. Metaphorically speaking. I completed my journey of 40 years full time work in the NHS & will tomorrow put on another pair of shoes to begin the next leg of my journey. The journey which I will begin tomorrow has no recognised map nor route plan unlike the career I surrendered willingly today with its policies & forms.
I am currently holding & embracing feelings of disbelief. Asking myself "Is that it?" I feel emotionally & physically tired, wondering how I will fell tomorrow.
I went to Mass this evening & gave thanks for the years I have spent & to place my & mine loved ones future in the hands of the creator of the universe. Then I lit a candle to invite Gods light into that future.
I gaze at the many gifts that have been showered upon me from all those I have worked with. I am still in a state of shock, especially when I look at the gifts that my team colleagues gave me. Yet I feel honoured & appreciate the thought(s) expressed in the offerings.
Next week I plan to spend the week in Cornwall with Kathleen.(God alone knows what state the house will be in on our return! (though I can hazard a pretty good guess!!) Hopefully the weather will improve cos its only 2*C outside at the moment.

Here's to the future... with a glass of Jameson!!

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  1. Enjoy your week in Cornwall, I will have a couple of runny eggs for you while you are away !