Thursday, 25 March 2010

The rot has begun to set in!!

It has y'know!!
I'm still coughing like an evacuee from the 1st Battle of Ypres,much to the annoyance of the younger & grossly intolerant members of the Woolley family, & I am struggling with trying to (& I believe the term is....)'burn' some John Lee Hooker tracts to a MP3 player that I brought the other day. Yes people it IS rocket science least to me, & lets face it, rocket science is all relative & proportionate to the amount of knowledge that the scientist has.
I'm gonna have to take the mocking & ask the young ones for their help.
Yes,the rot is setting in, the body is failing the brain is slowing & damn it I ain't due to quit work til the 31st March!
Speaking of which, I was given a gift of a 10 yr old bottle of a decent single malt from one of my surgeries today. Very welcome, hey!! Maybe I can open it tonight...purely for medicinal purposes of course!


  1. Self prescribing is always a rocky road ! ha ha ha !

  2. Physician heal thyself?! HaHa!