Saturday, 27 March 2010


I held my last 2 Friday surgeries yesterday & very moving & meaningful they were to.
I was told by someone that my being at 1 surgery marked "a lovely beginning to their weekend". I don't recall anyone saying such a heartfelt compliment as that to me before & I will do my best to allow it to find a place in my heart throughout my years of retirement. Then should I once again ever sink into that the dark place called depression, I will use the sentiment/comment as a instrument to lift me out.

Then, I was genuinely surprised when I went to my final surgery on Friday afternoon. I received cards, a crate of red wine & an expensive designer label watch, speeches of gratitude for my work & offer of a job!
I really didn't think that I was liked or valued so much by anyone, so moved was I that I'm afraid that I cried.
What a day, what milestones.
O...& the job? ....I took it!

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  1. Blimey Wool, the end of an era.The feckless, drug-seeking wasters of East Birmingham will miss you dearly - not to mention their patients.