Friday, 19 March 2010

Anti climax

Nothing to do with sex! But to do with my retirement.
I had the final letter from the NHS pension people today which told me how much my lump sum would be, how much money I'd be receiving each 1st of the month & how much my wife would receive should I die.
So that's it. The sum total(s) of 40 odd years work in the NHS. So many experiences, people, relationships, shifts, injections, forms signed & filed(!) time spent persuading people to do & things think things they didn't want to do or think.
All these things are not stated. Only an envelope with bland 'clincial' words of numerical information.
The emotional 'build up' that I'd felt for the last 18 or so months now feels the one of the biggest anti-climaxes I ever experienced.
The past 40 years of my full time employment is sitting there in a plain white envelope on the arm of the chair.
The next 40 years are shortly to begin.


  1. oh woolly!! its not all that bad. life opens up to hole new chapter to enjoy and explore. BIG HUG from India Lxx

  2. Wot a lovely suprise!! Seeing your name & reading your comment really cheered me Lynda. Thank you. Hope to keep in touch.
    Take lots of care & stay well.

  3. Don't be fooled in to thinking that you worked for the NHS or some other company. You worked for yourself. You were there because you or other people needed you to be there. You must of helped a lot of people and you were there for them. You will live on in the people you helped, and the people they help. Regardless of how many stark black and white balance sheets you receive.
    Don't let the bastards grind you down.

    James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

  4. Thank you James. I have a belief that people forget what you said, they forget wghat you did but they never forget how you caused them to feel.
    Hopefully I have given some people a mind, enabled them to think of themselves, others & their relationships from a differnt angle.
    Things are ment to be, people are there because they are ment to be there at that particular time. I was & am fortunate.