Friday, 12 March 2010

Welcome to retirement from your friendly GP!

Yeah wot do they know?? All what they know is based on 'available evidence' Based upon drug companies bribing Doctor's with free holidays & curry dinners. Now before any of you launch at me...I have been known to accept (it was a struggle though)a curry lunch payed for by the makes of Prozac or some other similar shite.
So: I go to the docs for a pre-retirement 'MOT', I'm weighed, asked how certain parts of my body are, you know,those which so far have serviced me & others adequately, finally he takes litres of my ruby red blood taken for testing. "Glibly the Doc says "phone up in a week for the results".

Dutifully I call back To be told that I have to see the bugger. Sounds ominous....
Cheerfully he says "your cholesterol is high, your Thyroid isn't working to its full potential & you need a Statin to lower your blood lipid levels" Taking my blood pressure he rolls his eyes, checks & rechecks it & gleefully reports that my Diastolic is 102!
So after going in to see him, believing I was top hole physically my beliefs were shattered-I am in fact on borrowed time, tottering on the brink of a heart attack. Walking the plank of Hypothyroidism & drowning in my own cholesterol!

So now I have to stop eating butter, reduce my cheese intake drastically, watch my alcohol intake and...exercise(!)O & take a Statin tablet daily.

What a wonderful beginning to the next chapter of my life!!

Shite. (LOL!)


  1. Christ, You better not come round for the left over cheese and potato pie then. Or any of that rocky road it will probably kill you off !