Saturday, 24 November 2012

The UK independence Party....?covert Fascists?

Nigel Farage-Leader of UKIP

I heard today on the local news of the city council in Rotherham South Yorkshire have said that all children from ethnic minorities placed in long term white British family foster care by them are to be encouraged to retain the customs (etc) of their original ethnic origin.
And so they should be. Should the child wish too that is-when the child reaches an age when he or she wishes to make a decision which culture they wish to be identified with then so be it.
To counter this however the United Kingdom Independence Party came out & said on the media that they believe that the edict of Rotherham Council is wrong, & that children of ethnic minorities fostered with white British families ought to be 'encouraged' to abandon their original ethnic culture a& be groomed as white British citizens.

To those of you unfamiliar with the United Kingdom Independence Party I can tell you that this is a British political party that amongst other doctrines in its manifesto demands immediate withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, & it is blatant in its Fascist belief that "multiculturalism has split our society...."  It also wants to bring back "traditional values". (Where have I heard that line before??!!!)

Thank God this party has no Westminster seats though they have the odd seat or 2 in the EU parliament & the odd city council seat dotted around the country.

I have long suspected that UKIP are a covert far right nationalist party hiding behind a veneer of political respectability. Indeed, one of their spokespersons  Lord Christopher Monckton in a recent video  interview in the United States apparently invited the extreme far right British Freedom Party to "come back & join us & we stand together"..

I do understand however that some other person in the bowels of UKIP had apparently loosely 'disowned' Lord Monckton's comments. Nevertheless people I invite you to have a gander at the policies of the United Kingdom Independence Party & form your own opinion of where or what they stand for, & maybe have a listen to the video interview of Lord Monckton's on 241Just Right. It makes interesting & to me, disturbing viewing.

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