Monday, 3 December 2012

Freedom of the Press??? Post Leveson enquiry.

So now the costly Leveson enquiry has made its report. I won't bore you with the outcome-you can read that yourself, but the report does advocate that there should be some legal control on what the press report/publish. Our slimy Prime Minister Cameron is against this. I guess his motives aren't transparent though, given his dealings with Rupert Murdoch et al. but what ever his motives are for opposing legal control of the British press I have to agree with him. My God Almighty!! I never thought that I'd find myself actually agreeing with a Tory politician, let alone David the slimy Cameron!!!

My belief is that if we have legal control on the press freedom is only a matter of time before the law has some control on all that is printed. Its a slippery slope.  Where will control of what is written end?
Yes, the press behaved totally immorally in tapping phones, printing stories that were sensitive & terribly hurtful & damaging to some people, their motives were purely financial to sell newspapers to a stupid, sad cross section of the British public who have nothing better to do that steep themselves in the daily lives of celebrities. So its my belief that the British public are also equally to blame for actually buying the gutter press that published these stories, tapped the phone-lines  & told outrageous lies.
So I say "no to legal control of the press". I say a resounding "yes" to press freedom & freedom of all that is published. Otherwise I think we're on the way to a state controlled media. whats next?? The burning of books that give a controversial opinion??

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