Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Morning Sickness in pregnancy - The Duchess of Cambridge.

As far as the Royal Family are concerned I don't really give a tinkers cuss about them. I wouldn't cross the road to catch a glimpse of them if they were in my street, & I know that they cost the country a small fortune to keep  but there again they do generate a fair amount of income for the UK one way or another.
However, I do think that there are a few 'hangers on' in the Royal Household who don't appear to do much, & we, the hard pressed British public have to fund their lavish lifestyles.
Now I don'y bare the Duchess of Cambridge any malice & I hope that she has a safe and healthy pregnancy.  But what the hell is going on when she is admitted to hospital suffering from 'Morning Sickness'!?
There are thousands of pregnant women in the UK (& throughout the world for that matter) who, although suffering from Morning Sickness, have to get up each & every morning, & go out to work in all weathers. If they didn't, then alot of them would lose their jobs & wouldn't be eligible for any State Benefits. There are thousands of women although suffering from Morning Sickness have to get up, dress children, feed them, take them to school & then go to work themselves feeling as they do absolute crap with the symptoms of Morning Sickness.
So come on Kate Middleton, get a grip. Grow up & smell the coffee.
Bloody Royals namby pamby's.
Nevertheless I wish her well.

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