Sunday, 23 December 2012

Being a Catholic has its perk(s)!! But only at Christmas!

 I could have shouted out "I'm alright Jack, bugger you lot!" But I didn't. We were en route to the Holy sacrament that is the Mass this morning-I am a Catholic after all & I've gotta get my 'tick' on the register that will gain me entry into eternal life!). The car park at the rear of the local church was cordoned off by traffic cones & supervised by 2 burly fellows who were stopping cars 7 questioning the occupants.Our turn came. Winding down the car window the bury fellow on my right squinted at me and without a change of facial expression nor a word passing between us he nodded to me & his colleague at the same time. Whereupon the cones were lifted and we allowed into the church car park.
This happens every year around Christmas. Regular shoppers shopping for their Christmas prezzies are searching their little hearts out for a place to park their cars. Well now, they can forget St Dunstons's Church car park, cos unless you're a Catholic that goes to Mass, you ain't got a snowballs chance in hell of parking with us Catholics!!
IT was like a scene from a movie set in German occupied France during the 1940's-You're stopped by 2 burly guys in plain clothes who squint at you and shout "Papers!!" Only now, in 2012 Birmingham we have to show them our Baptismal Certificate that proves that we are Roman Catholics. Then, & only then will you be allowed to park your car.'re turned away.
It was hard not to feel a tad smug, when we were allowed through, but there again....I'm sure that smugness is a sin.
Being a Catholic has finally proved to be a perk!

Part of the car park at St Dunston's-Catholics only!

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