Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trick or Treat & all that shite...

Trick or Treat or urban terrorism?

I had the best of intentions about this Halloween. I was prepared & accepting of any small kids who. accompanied by an adult would knock at our front door at a respectable hour dressed in a garish costumes for Trick or Treat. I even brought 2 bags of mixed chocolate sweets to give them.
However I find now that the whole Trick or Treat thing is nothing more than begging by another name & an excuse for some thugs to terrorise the old & vulnerable.
We were lucky...we didn't have one caller. I had all the sweets in a large bowl on the hall table near the front door ready for any little kid who may knock the door & attempt to scare me witless.
However none called. Not 1.
then at 2120 hrs the door bell ranr. We heard the voices of some kids but what the hell!? 2120 pm & knocking on the door for Trick or Treat?/ What the bloody hell are the parents thinking of in allowing small kids out at this hour knocking at peoples doors !?!?
I didn't answer the door. Sod it I'll not be part of this nonsense..
I have to say it but its one import from the USA that we over here in the UK should not have implemented into our society.
There is an upside of all this though...We now have a bowl full of Cadbury's mixed chocolates to eat. Yum!
Keep your bloody Trick or Treat. Damn pagan worship.

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  1. Learned my lesson in respect of Halloween. Until three years ago willingly entered into the spirit of things with sweets and small change at the ready. Three years ago (and for the second year in succession) the little tinkers never stopped calling - and I was (almost) certain some came back two to three times and I was tired of 'answering the door' and made to feel guilty when I had run out of treats.
    Past two years I have taken the battery out of the door bell and peace reigns.
    Grumpy, miserable? No - just sensible.
    Anna :o]