Friday, 1 November 2013

The closure of Royal Mail Post Offices

Thanks Mr. Cameron. Little by little you are gradually selling off Britain to the highest bidder-usually these bidders are those who a) are Conservative voters. b) Fund the aforementioned 'party' & c) Don't give a toss that the very foundation of British heritage is being eroded by the likes of Cameron et al.
First we had the sell off of the railways,then gas companies, then the electricity companies, then the water boards, then then Post Office telephones & now the Royal Mail has been sold off at an undervalued price to the highest bidders.
Cameron tells us that employees of the Royal mail are to be allocated  (FREE) £750 (odd) shares in the privatized company. How kind....But what he doesn't tell the public is that the recipients of these shares aren't allowed to sell them for 2 years & that they won't receive them until the 'sell off'' is completed By which time the value of the shares (currently flying high) will be worth considerably less that what they were when 'given' to the postmen.
Why?? Because private mail companies-TNT, Fed-X, DHL & the like will cream off the most profitable area of the market leaving the Royal Mail with the dregs-the junk mail etc.
These smug bastards who proudly announce that they are "over the moon" with the profit they've made with the increased value of the shares should be ashamed of themselves.  These money grabbing fascists are out to make a quick buck at the expense of the majority of the population in the continuing sell off of 'Shop UK'.

Now today its been confirmed that Royal Mail is going to close a number of whats called 'Crown post offices' ie-post offices on the high street in the suburbs.
Ut doesn't matter a fig that the old & disabled will have to walk or get a filthy West Midland transport bus to get to a post office. No, it don't matter. All that matters is profit.
There is an alternative though....The local WH Smith newsagents will , we're told accommodate the local post office. But....our local WH Smith is tiny compared to our Post Office. On an average day the queue of customers outside my office stretches out of the front doors! How on earth will WH Smith's cope with this amount of customers? And what of the staff currently employed in the post office?? They tell me that they're going to lose their jobs. But who gives a damn. Very few apparently & especially not David Cameron's cronies.
Cameron by his complete & utter inactivity in dealing with the energy companies and their recent imoral increase in charges has plunged hundreds of thousands of people into what he glibly calls 'Fuel Poverty'.
It'll be both tragic & interesting to see how many people the energy companies send to hospital with hypothermia, and how many die of cold related illnesses this winter. The same energy companies shareholders meanwhile enjoy a sun-soaked lifestyle whist no doubt contributing to Conservative party coffers.
So co on one & all grab a share of sell of Britain.
But don't complain people....You voted for Cameron & his catmite Clegg...I didn't.

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