Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fireworks.....November 5th

My mate Guy Fawkes

The nonsense

I'm gonna have a rant this evening which I'm pretty certain will have the majority of you who aren't (unlike me) anally retentive, grumpy old men (sorry 'persons!').
Ok. Well the clocks have been put back & we're plunged once more into the dark morlock crevasses of winter. Of waking up in the dark, & the sun-remember that bright disc in the sky that gave us warmth??) disappearing below the horizon at around 3.30 pm. That period of the year when Charlie Coal the cat stares out of the back door, looks at me with an expression that seems to say.."..You don't really expect me to go outside in those conditions do you????.  Its dismal but rejoice our friends under us (so to speak!) there in the antipodes have the sun, warmth and they are about to have summer. Gits!. But I'm being mean.
So here we have it November, miserable November. And what's worse its that time of year when people go crazy. When some people appear to have more money than sense.

They stand in the pouring rain  & cold & watch their money go up in smoke!! Yeah...fireworks. what a bloody waste of money. They cause misery when some ejjits burns themselves with them or the bonfires that go out of control, the fireworks cause some prats to have an apparent brainstorm and they think its fair game & fun to throw fireworks at each other,  they terrify domestic pets (including our own Charlie Coal) & the occasion actually celebrates an event which we should morn rather than celebrate.

 Ok, I know all about the pagan symbolism of paying homage to the sun by lighting bonfires & all that, & that would be great by me-I love the romance of that. But people have forgotten that. Saying that though, I do reckon that the majority of people have actually forgotten what November 5th commemorates.
In my opinion (here we go I hear you say!), the November 5th celebrations are a celebration of the execution of the best man EVER to get into Parliament-Guy Fawkes.
And why should I, a Roman Catholic (albeit lapse!) celebrate the death of a fellow Roman Catholic? The aforementioned Guy Fawkes.
I don't like this time of year, its a waste of money.
I know....
 I'm a grumpy old man. There, I've disarmed my critics!

Charlie Coal doesn't like fireworks either!

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