Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Update on Bonfire Night...Not Fireworks ...

I've done a little research on the celebration of Bonfire Night & I've been a little hasty in my condemnation of the festivities on or around this time of year.
Seemingly the tradition of lighting bonfires around this time of year dates back to Tudor Times in 'Merrie England'. We're talking about 400 odd years ago here people., & the lighting of bonfires marked the passage of summer/autumn to winter. It's pagan I guess & the fire represents the Sun which has gone away for the winter & a 'prayer' to summon the light & heat that brother Sun gives us.
However, I still can't go along with the burning of the Guy Fawkes effigy. How about burning effigies of Cameron's cabinet?? Nor can I agree with waste that is fireworks.
There you go.
Next celebration in the Woolley household is scheduled to be December 21st-Midwinter, cos after that date the days begin to get longer by a few seconds each day.

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