Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Chuggers & UNICEF

UNICEF as you'll all agree is a very worthwhile charity. It helps children all over the world & its workers risk life & limb bringing aid to children in all the war zones of this troubled world.

Now I don't wanna blow me own trumpet here people but I have to admit that we here at Woolley Grange do give to this worthwhile cause. Our latest offering took the form of us making an on the spot donation to one of them blood manically inflicted hooligans that accost members of the public on the High Street. 'Chuggers' their called. These young people average age about 22yrs leap out at unsuspecting members of the public, wave their arms about' & great you as if you're a long lost member of their family. In a mental health setting their behaviour could be described as manic. They then do their level best to extract money for whatever cause they happen to represent. I hate 'em.
Whatever. Some 2 months ago one of these bloody Chuggers leapt out in front of me. I resented the strong desire to tell him to fuck off & chose instead to listen to his manic rantings. I was glad I did. He spoke alot of sense, he we talked about the situation in Syria, the suffering & of possible outcomes. Turned out that he represented UNICEF & asked it comes... for a donation for the children of Syria.
I opted to make a one off donation by bankers order to UNICEF.

Then today I received a phone call from some guy saying that he was UNICEF & proceed to pour forth copious thanks for my kind donation. He then without my asking gave me an update of the present situation in Syria-kind enough I thought, then it cam.... "would I be interested in donating another amount?"
I think that's taking the piss abit to be honest. Its milking the financial cow that P J Woolley a bit too often don't you think?
Difficult that it was I declined. I'm sorry but things are a bit tight at the mo.


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