Monday, 3 May 2010

The General Election.

On Thursday May 6th 2010 the shit will hit the proverbial fan. On that day the populace of these once fair isles will be able & encouraged to vote in for at least another 4 years a group of selfish, money grabbing,sensory blind people who claim to be democratic politicians.
What ever 'party' gains power one thing will occur-the likes of you and me will have to pay the cost. This cost will be reflected in us having to shelve out more money (to pay for the cock ups of the present/last lot of twats) and us suffering even further shortages and cuts in education vis a vie numbers of teachers,larger class sizes, health care professionals and reduced services in the health service provision. No doubt also there will be fewer police on the beat despite the promises made by each of the parties also. We will still be funding an unwinable war in Afghanistan & funding a nuclear weapons programme that will never be used. Who is the enemy?? What a waste of money.

I have had one visit to my door asking for my vote:- The Respect Party. And this annoys me. Its annoys me that the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Parties appear to take it for granted that I will vote for them, or that my vote isn't worth counting, that I'm not worth the trouble. Well fuck them. None of the group of three I mentioned are worth a vote.Its hard to spot any difference between the three to be honest. They've all fleeced us, fecked up our once proud country, bent us double with he largest National Debt in living memory and speak with very forked & pointed tongues.
They are all bastards.
I shall be voting Respect.

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