Wednesday, 19 May 2010

An opinion

I've watched 2 television programmes today: 1 was on the history channel & told of the rise of the Nazi's in Germany & the consequences of them seizing power.
Later in the evening I watched a documentary on the English Defense League. Both programmes caused me great concern & distress.Seeing the type of racist thug that appears to be attracted to the 'EDL' I see parallels with the young 'men' in Germany who in the third decade of the last century bullied & murdered those members of their community who were differed from them by virtue of race, religion, creed,political belief or who just happened to look different from them.

Bullies, Fascists & dangerous people that's all they are & listening to them there is a common thread running through them....they have difficulty stringing half a dozen intelligent words together.

I pray that we never forget the lessons of history & have learned from them. These people must never be allowed to come to a position of power.BUT: I urge everyone to watch the news, documentaries whenever the EDL are featured.Watch & be learn.

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